The sun rises over the mountains
shining it’s golden light onto Almost Heaven,

and forever;

standing in the vestibule of the church
a young man knows little of the journey on which he is about to embark;
the mystery of marriage is not yet understood by the young man of 23 years;
he waits anxious of what the future of the day, and his life, hold.

A prayer and a tear later, he makes his way to the front of the church
to wait for the singular certainty of the day to walk down the aisle.

The day is colored by the bright blue sky and puffy white clouds;
a stained glass glow lights the interior of the church,
colorizing the faces of family and friends.

The ceremony begins,
accompanied by music and the necessary accoutrements;

A young woman appears, wearing radiant white and a smile;
she is the present and future.

Her green eyes glisten with the intensity of the moment;
she walks purposefully towards the young man;
the pace is anxious, yet measured.

Their eyes meet, as if for the first time,
yet they have known each other forever;

upon direction, he takes her hand in his.

Following the script, it is a blur;
words are spoken;
vows are stammered;
rings are exchanged;

I do.  I do







And the sun begins to hide behind the mountains,
painting the sky orange,
signaling the end of another day.

The day was August 1st, 1998.

Two naïve kids were married in a blur of excitement, hope, and love.

Days blur into days as years blur into years,
each the start of something new.
Some years are kind.
Some years are cruel.

Yet Hope and Love are steadfast.

Year stacks upon year, each offering it’s own challenges and joys.

Now, kids and dogs roam the house,
squeaking each and every floor board
providing a joyful noise to the sanctuary of their lives.

Life brings with it happiness and merriment;
it also brings with it sadness and grief.
Every day is not like the first.

Yet the two crazy kids,
who didn’t know what they didn’t know,
learned a thing or two along the way.

Twenty years pass by in a blur.
a car screaming by trees on an interstate bound for destination unknown.

They have not ridden off into the sunset… yet.

But they have watched a sunset or two,
sunsets of orange and red and blue and green that bedazzle the sky,
as they plan their present and future,
wondering what is in store for tomorrow and forever.


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