On Words: Weaponized

Words burning through parchment
lift into the air, projectiles
pointing at a target across dimensions;

stark black and white races
to the edge, seeking a justified end,
loaded for maximum destruction;

ignorance; cowardly; foolish; stupid;

in and out of context they weave,
ripping, tearing, slashing and cutting:

weaponized art aimed at the marginalized rip through souls.

Tweets scream like shattered glass shatter lives.
And still the great lie burns bright.
Sticks and stones and such.

“Words are harmless,” we tell the children.
But we lie.

Words are weapons of mass destruction
with the power to break lives into bits and pieces>

Words loaded tear hearts in half,
numbing minds,
crushing souls.

The power must not be understated:
The Great Lie must be abandoned.

Sticks and stones do break bones;

but words weaponized break souls.


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