Light: 42

Peace, My Love…
Another year passes
as we continue our journey
through time, walking in the midst of sun
and shade, an often diverging path, over mountains
leading us to views beyond compare:  beautiful and majestic.
Hands clasped, we pause after cresting the plateau, drinking life’s experience
from the cup poured for us. We drink deeply from the view and appreciate the tastes
and sights that greet us on this trail.  The determination with which you crest each
mountain is visible in the focus of your eyes; eyes that love, eyes that hope,
eyes that overcome, eyes that care, eyes that make the world
brighter by simply caring for those who need a little
more love.  Your kindness knows no bounds.
Compassion is your mantra,
love your creed.

On this day, forty two years ago, the world became brighter;
thank you for being a light in our world.


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